About Us

Scout Day’s focus is to be a support tool to help student athletes accomplish their goals of getting to the next level through exposure, promotion, or by providing the necessary resources to show one's skillsets. Our Showcase Camps, Recruiting Services, Evaluation Tool, and partnerships provide multiple avenues to help student athletes.    


Are you a Coach, Trainer, Academy, or a Travel Team? You can use our Player Assessment tool to keep accurate and quality information communicated to your customers. Click 'Log In' to sign up.


Are you a Player looking for feedback from your coach or trainer? You can use our Player Assessment tool to receive progressive, accurate, and quality information from your coach. Click 'Log In' to sign up.


Scout Day's Player Assessment tool has been a big win for our camps. We utilize the Player Assessment with all our players. Within 24 hrs after camp,

- S. Whitmore